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Versatile Processing Texas

Versatile Processing Texas is the home of our brand new state-of-the-art wire chopping line. This impressive machinery is set up inside a 100,000+ square foot industrial facility that sits on 15 acres in Wills Point, Texas, just 45 miles East of Dallas.

Versatile Processing Texas is now processing over 5 million pounds of non-ferrous scrap material each month. This scrap is generated from Industrial clients that specialize in cable manufacturing both in the utility and telecom space, as well as scrap wire coming directly from utility companies throughout the United States. We use a high efficiency mechanical process to shred, granulate and separate copper, aluminum, and steel from plastic, paper or other insulators used in making wire and cable. Advanced automation and specific design layout of our equipment permits us to service the utility, wire manufacturing, telecommunications and scrap industries. A certified truck scale is used to ensure accurate weights are used for every inbound and outbound shipment.


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