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Equipment Recycling

As a group, VPG processes and recycles over 150,000 units every year. This equipment includes distribution transformers, reclosers, regulators, capacitors, potential transformers, current transformers, etc.

The transformer recycling process is fine-tuned on a regular basis at VPG. We are consistently looking for new product streams for transformer components that both add value and decrease landfill deposits. VPG currently fully recycles approximately 98% of every transformer that is processed.

Depending on global demand and commodity pricing at the time of processing will determine how each unit is broken down for consumption. VPG has the capability to shear windings, bake windings, and chop windings to maximize value that can be passed on to our customers.

On-Site Teardown/Field Services

Sometimes, equipment in the field is either too large to transport or projects include some type of demolition that requires VPG to bring their expertise on-site.

Our field crew teams are made up of 3 to 5 seasoned veterans, depending on the size of the project. There is no job that is too big or too small. VPG field crews have successfully dismantled hundreds of large units, some in excess of 1,000,000 pounds. VPG’s expertise in the global commodity market ensures you will get the highest return on your materials. Our environmentally conscious field-crew will take every precaution necessary during the dismantling process to keep all materials contained and make sure all are properly disposed. It is VPG’s commitment that every site in which we work will be left in better condition than when we arrived.

VPG’s on-site services also include forensic teardowns which is a systematic dismantling process by which insurance companies, manufacturer reps, and engineers can visually inspect the condition of internal components when trying to determine the reason for failure.

In addition to large substation transformers, VPG will also handle the removal and dismantling of the ancillary equipment surrounding substations including, Oil-Circuit-Breakers, Switch Cabinets, Reactors, etc.

PCB Disposal

Located at our Florida location is a newly installed Scrap Metal Recovery Oven (SMRO) that is capable of PCB Contaminated Equipment Disposal from 50-499 PPM. This SMRO processes contaminated material by a method of thermal destruction per Title 40 CFR Part 761.72. This process is fully permitted under the regulations set forth by the Florida Department of Environmental Protection, Permitting, and Compliance Authority and EPA Region 4. The SMRO is equipped with primary and secondary chambers for material processing and incorporates a Continuous Emission Monitoring Systems (CEMS) to record regulatory compliance.

The disposal process is performed in a 7,500 square foot building that was specifically designed and engineered to eliminate any threat of PCB contamination to the outside environment. The facility incorporates a system where in all electrical equipment is received and dismantled inside and is stored within our multiple containment system. The monolithically poured floor is underlined with a 10 mil plastic liner and is finished with two layers of epoxy coating.

Additionally, Florida Transformer, Inc. is an EPA Region 4 approved Commercial Storage Facility for the storage of PCB material requiring disposal. The combination of these two regulated activities ensures the utility industry of a limited environmental footprint, thus eliminating long term liability when considering the disposal method of PCB-Contaminated electrical equipment.

Repair Services

VPG, through Florida Transformer, offers a premier transformer and equipment repair facility.  Only the best materials are used in all of our units to insure you receive a top-notch unit that you can count on.  Many of our competitors that offer similar services use inferior materials that lower the life expectancy of the unit.  Let’s face it…you need a good unit, not a cheap unit.

We are experienced in all types of distribution and small power transformer repairs. We provide our customers with full service pick-up and delivery and customized handling of their units. That means you get the service you want!

All repairs come with a full one year warranty on materials and workmanship.

Minor Check and Repair – When the transformer coil is dry and in good condition, this is the service that is recommended. Only defective parts are repaired and replaced.

Recondition – When moisture has entered the transformer, a bake out is required to extend transformer life. This service accomplishes that and provides all the benefits of a minor check and repair.

Rewind – If a coil is no longer fit for service, a rewind is called for. With this service a brand new Copper coil is built to match your existing core steel and tank, saving you money over a new unit.

Service levels are typically decided upon after your units has reached us, been checked in and tested, and is ready to be repaired. All units we receive are fully tested and are given fresh paint jobs before leaving our facilities.

Repair services are also offered on regulators, reclosers, control panels, and other ancillary equipment.

Oil Recycling

All oil is brought to our Oil Processing Plant for processing. Clients are required to provide a PCB analysis for all dielectric oil shipments prior to scheduling a pick up. Once the oil is received at the Oil Processing Plant, it will pass through a multi-level processing operation that will remove unwanted water and particulate matter. Oil that contains from 2 to 49 PPM of PCBs will be directed to the PCB-removal operation of the processing plant.

Dielectric oil that contains from 2 to 49 PPM of PCBs will be processed through our specialized sodium metal PCB-removal operation. This is a highly sensitive operation that requires the oil to be completely free of water and particulate matter prior to being initiated. Therefore, the dielectric oil that contains from 2 to 49 PPM of PCBs will undergo additional testing and processing to further purify the oil prior to the PCB-removal operation.

The operation that we utilize for removing PCBs is based on the introduction of sodium metal into an aboveground storage tank containing 7,000 gallons of PCB-contaminated mineral oil. During the oil recycling process, the oil is tested periodically to track the declining PCB levels. Once the PCBs have been removed to below detectable levels, the treatment process is ceased and the oil is transferred to a 20,000-gallon holding tank for additional processing. During this phase of the operation, excess sodium metal and unwanted particulates, byproducts of the sodium metal/PCB reaction, are removed and the oil is purified. Once the entire process has been completed, the oil is then transferred into one of three bulk product tanks. The previously-contaminated, now clean oil is ready to begin a new life as an industrial lubricant or base oil. The entire purification process, from PCB-removal to finished product, takes between one to two days. We have the capability to process 7,000 gallons of PCB-contaminated oil per day.

In addition to recycling and reintroducing dielectric oil as lubricants and base oils, we are able to reintroduce many of the dielectric oils back into the electrical utility industry as reprocessed transformer oil. The oil is filtered, degassed and dewatered to return it to a proper specification. In-line testing equipment allows our personnel to closely monitor the purification process to insure that the oil has reached purification standards. Once the oil recycling process is complete, an additional sample is taken and then an outside testing laboratory tests and certifies that the oil is ready to be reintroduced as a dielectric fluid. We are ready to assist you with creating an environmentally-conscious solution for your oil-recycling needs.

Meter Recycling

Both Electric and Gas Meters are recyclable, don’t make the common mistake of throwing these items into a landfill. As the automated-meter-reading programs are hitting the utility industry, it is very possible that you may have or are about to have a good quantity of meters coming out of your system as they are being replaced with new technologically advanced meters.

VPG has worked with multiple utilities to help bring back the value of old meters that are being discarded. VPG can provide packing supplies to accumulate meters coming out of the field or accept meters palletized. Call us today to find out what your meters are worth!

Lab Analysis

While standard laboratory analysis turnaround time for PCB in dielectric oil is five business days, we offer a 24 hour turnaround on this analysis for projects requiring expedition. This gives our clients the flexibility to receive analytical results in five business days when time is plentiful or receive results in 24 hours when time is a commodity.

Our typical lab analysis covers the following:

  • PCB in Oil per Gas Chromatography
  • Moisture Content in Oil by KF
  • Dielectric Breakdown Voltage
  • PCB on Surface Wipe using the Sonic Ruptor 400 Ultrasonic Homogenizer
  • Dissolved Gas Analysis and ASTM Screening and Soil Analysis

Wire and Cable Recycling

This is another area where VPG has a substantial competitive advantage over our competitors. Our utility customers have the opportunity to consolidate major revenue producing assets that are being disposed. This lowers administrative costs and allows customers to focus on other parts of their responsibilities. VPG is very familiar with all wire types in the utility industry including: Insulated Copper, Insulated Aluminum, ACSR, URD, Bare Copper, Bare Aluminum, Lead Cable, Weatherproof Copper, and others.

In addition, VPG operates two of the few full-scale “chopping” lines left in the United States. This allows VPG to offer more for your scrap wire and cable. Our “chopping” lines are capable of processing various cable types and ends with the paper, insulation, and non-metallic materials being separated from the non-ferrous items like copper and/or aluminum.  On average, VPG processes 6 million pounds of wire and cable each month.

Prior to switching to VPG, many of our utility customers were using local scrap yards with no value-adding steps. Local scrap yards that do no processing must sell their material to a processor before the material can truly start the recycling process. Therefore, by VPG offering their services to utilities it is an opportunity to remove the middleman and maximize your returns!

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