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Wire Chopping

VPG uses a high efficiency mechanical process to shred, granulate and separate copper, aluminum, and steel from plastic, paper or other insulators used in making wire and cable. Advanced automation and specific design layout of our equipment permits us to service the utility, wire manufacturing, telecommunications and scrap industries.

Value Added Processing

An environmentally controlled de-oiling system allows us to upgrade our clients materials with in-house cost controls. This service is invaluable for stampers who utilize generous cutting fluids in their operations.

Perhaps the most impressive process is our Patented De-Tinning operation (US Patent #5,755,950). This is another in-house cost-controlled technology which adds to optimum price recovery on common tinned copper based and high performance alloys.

Quality Control

Quality Control is a top priority at all VPG facilities. The Quality policy at VPG is based on consumer satisfaction. We strive for continuous improvement in our quality systems and meeting the objectives of our company:

  • Supplying a finished products that meet or exceed our consumer’s requirements
  • Provide a service that provides total customer satisfaction
  • Quality Control Responsibilities are split amongst each critical area in identifying quality issues:
  • Receiving Inspection – Raw materials must meet specifications
  • In-Process Inspection – Various inspection points within the processing environment are also used to catch any quality issues
  • Pre-Shipment Inspection – Finished Goods must meet customer specifications in form, packaging, and labeling.

We are committed to continuous improvement in quality and the assessment of the quality system to assure its suitability to meet the requirements of our company and the requirements of our customers.


The importance of scrap metal disposal can easily be overlooked. Container function and transport for in-plant handling, staging, and shipping can contribute greatly to cost efficiency. VPG offers both industry standard and customized containers to meet your manufacturing needs. Our recycling experience can also help you reduce variable labor and handling costs, maximize material flow and upgrade material value through optimum container use.

Laboratory Analysis

VPG is equipped with an on-site, state-of-the-art testing laboratory that enables alloy verification to assist in meeting consumer specifications. This capability encourages cost effective processing when evaluating, sorting, and upgrading scrap, while giving our clients “peace of mind” that their material has been electronically verified prior to receipt or shipment.

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