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Wire and Cable Recycling

This is another area where VPG has a substantial competitive advantage over our competitors. Our utility customers have the opportunity to consolidate major revenue producing assets that are being disposed. This lowers administrative costs and allows customers to focus on other parts of their responsibilities. VPG is very familiar with all wire types in the utility industry including: Insulated Copper, Insulated Aluminum, ACSR, URD, Bare Copper, Bare Aluminum, Lead Cable, Weatherproof Copper, and others.

In addition, VPG operates two of the few full-scale “chopping” lines left in the United States. This allows VPG to offer more for your scrap wire and cable. Our “chopping” lines are capable of processing various cable types and ends with the paper, insulation, and non-metallic materials being separated from the non-ferrous items like copper and/or aluminum.  On average, VPG processes and handles 20 million pounds of wire and cable each month.

Prior to switching to VPG, many of our utility customers were using local scrap yards with no value-adding steps. Local scrap yards that do no processing must sell their material to a processor before the material can truly start the recycling process. Therefore, by VPG offering their services to utilities it is an opportunity to remove the middleman and maximize your returns!

De-Tinning and De-Oiling Processing

Perhaps the most impressive process is VPG’s Patented De-Tinning operation.  This is an in-house cost-controlled technology which adds to optimum price recovery on common tinned copper based and high-performance alloys.  This patented process provides VPG with a decisive advantage over our competitors in obtaining the maximum level of output while obtaining the high standard output our customers require.  

Our environmentally controlled de-oiling system allows us to upgrade material with in-house cost controls. This service benefits stampers who utilize generous cutting fluids in their operation. 

Quality Control

Quality Control is a top priority at all VPG facilities. The Quality policy at VPG is based on consumer satisfaction. We strive for continuous improvement in our quality systems and meeting the objectives of our company:

  • Supplying a finished product that meet or exceed our consumer’s requirements
  • Provide a service that provides total customer satisfaction
  • Quality Control Responsibilities are split amongst each critical area in identifying quality issues:
  • Receiving Inspection – Raw materials must meet specifications
  • In-Process Inspection – Various inspection points within the processing environment are also used to catch any quality issues
  • Pre-Shipment Inspection – Finished Goods must meet customer specifications in form, packaging, and labeling.

We are committed to continuous improvement in quality and the assessment of the quality system to assure its suitability to meet the requirements of our company and the requirements of our customers.

Laboratory Analysis

VPG is equipped with an on-site, state-of-the-art testing laboratory as well as partnering with industry leading third parties which enables alloy verification to assist in meeting consumer specifications. This capability encourages cost effective processing when evaluating, sorting, and upgrading scrap, while giving our clients “peace of mind” that their material has been electronically verified prior to receipt or shipment.


Versatile Processing Group has its own fleet of trucks, enclosed trailers, flatbeds, drop-decks, open tops and roll off bins.  From time to time, VPG will utilize contact drivers based on material transported and the closest regional location maximizing efficiency.  Subcontracted drivers that are hired have a long history with VPG, so even though they may not work directly for VPG, they are very well accustomed to our customers and what kind of material is shipped.  

If you have special requirements, please let us know and we will work to accommodate your request.  Many times, VPG can respond to a pick-up request within 48 hours depending on the load contents and location.  

Meter Recycling 

Both Electric and Gas Meters are recyclable, don’t make the common mistake of throwing these items into a landfill. As the automated-meter-reading programs are hitting the utility industry, it is very possible that you may have or are about to have a good quantity of meters coming out of your system as they are being replaced with new technologically advanced meters.

VPG has worked with multiple utilities to help bring back the value of old meters that are being discarded. VPG can provide packing supplies to accumulate meters coming out of the field or accept meters palletized. Call us today to find out what your meters are worth!


The importance of scrap metal disposal can easily be overlooked. Container function and transport for in-plant handling, staging, and shipping can contribute greatly to cost efficiency. VPG offers both industry standard and customized containers to meet your manufacturing needs. Our recycling experience can also help you reduce variable labor and handling costs, maximize material flow and upgrade material value through optimum container use.

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