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Industries Served

Post-Consumer (Dealer)

The Versatile Processing Group has been processing dealer quality materials for multiple decades growing our market share in the Midwest, Southwest, & South. Today VPG is an industry leader in procuring, grading, and processing various grades of nonferrous metals. Our team of regional traders and operators allow VPG to best service your scrap metal needs.

The VPG trading team is centered around two-chopping lines (VPG-IN/VPG-TX) and a detinning operation (Dulin Metals) located in the Midwest and Southwest. Our value-added processes, superior customer service, & first-rate execution set VPG at a net premium to the marketplace. VPG’s point of focus on our core products (Insulated Wire & Stamping scrap), allow our traders to be experts in their respective fields. Our group currently services hundreds of scrap metal businesses across the globe. The entire team is held to the highest standard of ethical and responsible workplace practices. With a strong ownership team and maintaining a full copper hedge book, VPG is a sustainable partner in the metals recycling industry.

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VPG’s Industrial Business segment is a premier processor of non-ferrous metals. Competitive returns combined with innovative-thinking, excellent customer service, and financial strength makes VPG an industry-leader. Our flexible logistics team allows for VPG to effectively manage our customers waste and recyclables stream. Within VPG, we have multiple full-scale wire chopping systems that handle the entire separation process from insulated wire all the way down to pure, clean copper and aluminum chops. Staying true to our commitment to innovation and versatility, we use a patented de-tinning process (US Patent #5,755,950) to maximize value-creation for our customers. Our equipment is a cost-controlled technology which adds to optimum price recovery on common tinned-copper based and high-performance alloys.  VPG’s value-added facilities permit VPG to bid on industrial business competitively nationwide.

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VPG’s Utility business segment is by far the most well rounded in the industry. Through 3 processing locations, VPG can offer a comprehensive package of services to meet every need of our utility suppliers while maximizing returns and efficiencies. VPG offers on-site teardown and transportation reducing overhead and optimizing productivity for our suppliers. VPG provides a wide variety of recycling options including but not limited to wire & cable and meter recycling. We can accept surplus materials and facilitate buying options with our partners that specialize in auctions and competitive bidding of usable equipment or materials. VPG’s client list includes Investor-Owned Utilities, Cooperatives, Municipalities, and many others in the private sector. With locations throughout the United States & an extensive network of partner companies, there is no utility that is out of reach.

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