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All oil is brought to our Oil Processing Plant for processing. Clients are required to provide a PCB analysis for all dielectric oil shipments prior to scheduling a pick up. Once the oil is received at the Oil Processing Plant, it will pass through a multi-level processing operation that will remove unwanted water and particulate matter. Oil that contains from 2 to 49 PPM of PCBs will be directed to the PCB-removal operation of the processing plant.

Dielectric oil that contains from 2 to 49 PPM of PCBs will be processed through our specialized sodium metal PCB-removal operation. This is a highly sensitive operation that requires the oil to be completely free of water and particulate matter prior to being initiated. Therefore, the dielectric oil that contains from 2 to 49 PPM of PCBs will undergo additional testing and processing to further purify the oil prior to the PCB-removal operation.

The operation that we utilize for removing PCBs is based on the introduction of sodium metal into an aboveground storage tank containing 7,000 gallons of PCB-contaminated mineral oil. During the oil recycling process, the oil is tested periodically to track the declining PCB levels. Once the PCBs have been removed to below detectable levels, the treatment process is ceased and the oil is transferred to a 20,000-gallon holding tank for additional processing. During this phase of the operation, excess sodium metal and unwanted particulates, byproducts of the sodium metal/PCB reaction, are removed and the oil is purified. Once the entire process has been completed, the oil is then transferred into one of three bulk product tanks. The previously-contaminated, now clean oil is ready to begin a new life as an industrial lubricant or base oil. The entire purification process, from PCB-removal to finished product, takes between one to two days. We have the capability to process 7,000 gallons of PCB-contaminated oil per day.

In addition to recycling and reintroducing dielectric oil as lubricants and base oils, we are able to reintroduce many of the dielectric oils back into the electrical utility industry as reprocessed transformer oil. The oil is filtered, degassed and dewatered to return it to a proper specification. In-line testing equipment allows our personnel to closely monitor the purification process to insure that the oil has reached purification standards. Once the oil recycling process is complete, an additional sample is taken and then an outside testing laboratory tests and certifies that the oil is ready to be reintroduced as a dielectric fluid. We are ready to assist you with creating an environmentally-conscious solution for your oil-recycling needs.

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